Tag Your It!

Our guns are top of the line and equipped with several options, although the 2 most popular games are team against team and everyone against Dad, LOL. We can set your gun for increased accuracy and damage or set it so that you can just sweep the field. The taggers have the look and feel similar to an MP5 and include a red dot scope.

We can also set your health. How much damage does one hit cause? How often can you be hit? All of this is programable on site. Little Seth can be set to take a 100 hits, Aunt Bonnye can be set to take 30 hits and Uncle Steve can be set to take 3. Level the playing field.

No Headbands!

Those headbands are NO FUN! They get sweaty and disgusting. The velcro catches in your hair and can be painful. They fall off and don't stay straight, look horrible in photos, and fixing them takes away from game play. We have affixed the sensors right on the tagger. Saving hair and time everywhere.

By placing the sensors on the tagger we have not only saved your hair for photos, but it also makes switching teams consists of simply handing the tagger to another person. This helps the flow of the game. Since your guests know they can re-enter the games quickly it makes it easier to take water and bathroom breaks.