Mix it up: Throwing a curve ball in to your camp program can be a fun way to re-energize and pump up the season. We all know how fun camp is, but it can also be hard to maintain that energy over many weeks. Staff and campers alike will enjoy the change of pace.

It’s Fun, Safe and Healthy: Shh. You don’t need to tell the campers about the safe and healthy part, but our laser tag program is a great way to get kids out running around without even knowing they are getting exercise. All they know is that they’re having a blast!

We oversee everything: Our trained staff with set-up the field, provide the training, and referee the games. All you have to do is provide the space and bring the campers.

Cost effective: With our fast paced gaming your players will play many games and have a great time all at your location. No additions to your safety plan, no buses to arrange. This is pure easy.

Great for all ages: Without a doubt, this is one of the most versatile events you can plan for a wide age range. Players from age 7 all the way through your camp staff will have a great time.

Teaching tool: This game can also be a tool used for communication building and teamwork. An excellent option for staff training and older campers.

How to use laser tag in your camp:

1. As part of a festival/carnival event: Does your camp offer a day when the campers have a special event where there are many activities for them to choose from? Laser Tag can be an excellent option for these carnivals.

2. As part of your daily program rotation: Most camps have multiple time slots each day where campers rotate from one activity to the next. Have laser tag added to the day as one of the choices and allow kids to play for a specific time block.

3. A third possibility… As a tournament event: This could be an option where cabin groups come to play and compete in a fun tournament type setting. Your program team leaders can even come up with unique awards to hand out (loudest player, best body roll, sly fox, etc.)


For these camp events we keep games turning over quickly and smoothly, and we also bring more bunkers to set up a truly dynamic field for the players. We usually run 16 players per game, with traditional games lasting 10 minutes each (similar to speedball in paintball terms). This typically yields about 100 players per hour. Prices include game referee, set-up and tear-down, laser tag units, bunkers, and training. Extra mileage rates may apply.