Mobile Laser Tag PartyMobile Laser Tag

Bringing laser tag out of the dark

Mobile laser tag means that we bring the party to you. We can set up a laser tag in backyards, front yards, side yards, fields, school yards, church yards, gyms, parks, inside vacant houses, we have even set up in a Home Depot. You do not need as much space as most people think either. About the size of a tennis ball court is all that is really needed but that space need not be square. We can set up in a small front or back yard AND a side yard. Where ever you kids run can run around and play tag, they can play laser tag.

What Kind Of Field?

Mobile Laser Tag BarriersMost backyards are large enough and parks provide adequate area. We set up different styles of barriers depending on the terrain, space, and existing objects such as trees and bushes. That is the beauty of mobile laser tag – it is versatile. We have obstacles for outdoors as well as indoors, our referees are always prepared to make sure that your party is legendary. If you would like a certain barrier and the terrain allows it, then we want it at your party so just let us know when you are booking. Look through our laser tag party photos please make sure to like those you think are cool.

The Party That Goes Where You Want

The older we get the harder it is to get together with our friends and loved one. We live in busy times and trying to get everyone together in the same place at at the same time is quite challenging. Friends and family are scattered all over the place. With mobile laser tag you can choose a central location to everyone, making it easier for you guests.