kids playing laser tag

The best activity and a great town?

That’s easy – laser tag Frisco, TX = Awesome

We love to play laser tag and we love Frisco making one of our favorite combinations – Laser Tag Frisco TX.┬áThere are awesome people, great schools and amazing churches. All of these make for great laser tag!┬áMost yards in Frisco and the surrounding areas are large enough for laser tag battlefields. Are you looking for the perfect party activity that will capture the attention of all of your guests? Boys and girls, young and old come together to battle it out on a laser tag battlefield.
Want to have a large party? That is no problem at all. Your Code Red Referee runs the fun. The games are very fast paced and action packed and after a couple rounds you will see people getting tired and needing a break. Larger parties are great because they allow players to switch out very quickly allowing time for a drink and brief rest. You will find that while you and your guests are hydrating the games still capture you. Everyone tends to gather around watching, laughing and developing a strategy.

Moving? Laser tag Frisco, TX Moving Party

As one of the fastest growing cities around it is a no brainer to have – Laser Tag Frisco, TX Moving Parties. These are becoming very popular as the area continues to grow. Mobile laser tag is an awesome way to build another wonderful memory in your home. Say goodbye to a place that already holds so many memories for you and your family. Search and clear is an amazing game to play indoors. One team hides and the other searches for them. Battles commence and the fallen must make their way back to base until only one team remains. You can hold several missions in an hour and switch players in and out so that some can rest and enjoy the show. There is always fun at a Code Red Laser Tag party.