What To Expect

The Day Of Your Party

You party host will show up about 30 minutes early to set up the field. The party host will assess the area and determine which barriers are appropriate. It doesn't take long no matter what the terrain, and yes - the kids can help move the inflatable barriers. Once the field is complete the party host will then go over how to use the guns and brief the cadets on their mission.

The Party

The referees are usually stocked with 12 - 16 laser taggers & 6 - 8 barriers or so, but they may not use all of them when they get to a party. This does not in any way hinder the amount of players you can have. The fields are set up for fast paced game play so that many games are played during a party. The ref will consider ages, number of guests, size and landscaping of the field to determine how many barriers are set up and how many players for each team. Our guns are top of the line and equipped with several options, although the 2 most popular games are team against team and everyone against Dad, LOL.

Constant Action

Not many party guests can go the full hour and a half or 2 hours on the field, rotating players in and out of the games provides short rest times with an opportunity to jump back in very quickly. Even through cool weather, water breaks are important and the few minutes a player is grabbing a drink they are also watching the game, developing strategies, and having fun. Knowing they can jump right back in the game quickly also allows for quick bathroom breaks when needed and again, without halting game play.

After The Party

When the party time is over our party host will take about 30 minutes to pack up the barriers and depart. That's it, super easy!