Why Laser Tag as a Fundraiser

Fun: Way more fun than a bake sale or trying to get your friends and family to buy another candy bar from you.

Unique: You’ve washed enough cars… try something different.

Interactive: This game gets everyone involved. From ages 7 – 77 we’ve had them on the field playing laser tag. And even if you aren’t playing, the spectators have a blast watching!

Flexible: We can play indoors or out, in bright daylight or at night. Winter, spring, summer or fall, this game is amazing.

Ownership: Your crew helps throughout the process and really feel like they’ve earned their money, and had a great time doing it!

Family Friendly: This game is safe for all ages and can easily be played with mixed age groups on the field at one time.

Throw an Event and Pre-sell Tickets

Keep people returning to your annual events! Different from your average festival game ideas, laser tag is amazing amounts of fun and energizes the whole crowd. People have so much fun they will talk about your event for long after. Its not just fun though, laser tag is a great way to raise funds at you next festival or event.

Here’s how it works: Prior to the event your group pre-sells tickets for games. These are typically $10 each and are good for 3 games the day of the event. You need to pre-sell 40 tickets to cover a 2 hour party.

We can play teams if you have organized enough pre sales, but we have found that constant game play works best. As players die we replace players allowing your line to move quickly so that you can sell even more tickets the day of the party. Each player will last an average of 5-10 minutes on a field with 16 players. That allows for a LOT of games each hour. You have to sell a lot of cookies or wash a lot of cars to bring in that kind of money and I guarantee you won’t have as much fun doing it! Plus… if you really want to you can still sell those cookies and wash cars at the laser tag event. It’s a win/win situation for everyone!

Easy Fundraising

Fundraising has never been so easy. All you have to do is sign up with us and we will give you a personalized code. For every party booked with your code you will earn 10%*. We will also provide your code to the party goers so that any subsequent party also earns you 10%.

The majority of our business comes from word of mouth referrals from people that enjoyed one of our laser tag parties. So our fund raising program is a great way to give back to our communities and gain more exposure.

Everyone loves laser tag! Once you start telling people your school, church, sports team, or other group earns much needed funds from every party booked it spreads fast. It is a fun activity that is energizing, fun for the whole family!

Would you like 10% of your party to go to your school, scouts, team, squad, church, community pantry, or another great community cause? Contact us today.

*Only valid on parties $350 and over, so parties can’t be combined with any other offers or discounts to qualify for the 10% earnings.