Laser Tag DallasDo we play laser tag Dallas?

ABSOLUTELY! One of our most popular cities, we are there often for home laser tag parties, school events and company functions. We enjoy playing laser tag in Dallas, Texas. What more can we say, it’s the Big D and we love adding a unique event option that adds to Dallas and that makes it that much more of an interesting place to live. Active lifestyles centered around family fun are the reasons that make laser tag Dallas a winning combination.

What can you expect?

You can expect a very active party, fun fast paced game play and a whole lot of laughter! Our ref will show up about 30 minutes early to set up your laser tag field and after a short demo the excitement begins. Soldiers scatter across the field and seek out their targets. The games last about 5 minutes and then it starts all over again. Our sensors are set on the tagger so switching out players is incredibly easy. Fast paced games and switching out players super fast allows you to invite more guests at no extra cost.

Please give us a call is you are planning your next event in Dallas, Texas we would love to come out and celebrate with you.