Release the energy while promoting teamwork.

Make youth week or vacation bible school extra spectacular with Code Red Laser Tag. Kids of all ages love running around on the laser tag field. It is an activity that is great for the body and the mind, promoting teamwork. Switching team players is super simple, just hand the tagger to the next player and get back on the field. This allows you to have more players and non stop fun even when some players need to take a break.

What a great singles mixer.

Take the social edge off with this high energy activity filled with lots of laughter and excitement on the playing field. Playing together to accomplish goals allows for getting to know each other without the stress that single mixers can bring. Men and women of all ages enjoy laser tag, along with the fun it is not painful or messy like paintball can be and gives the feel of being in a real life video game.

We have reconfigured our taggers so that the sensors are on the guns. Players can stay picture perfect without sweaty hair catching headbands or bulky unflattering vests. ┬áMaking memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine that story of “How we met.”

Spectacular family activity for kids and adults the same.

Work off that amazing spaghetti dinner with laser tag. Get parents and kids out on the field working with each other and against each other, HA! Don’t you just LOVE laser tag? You can work against each other and still have amazing amounts of good honest fun. Play adults against kids, Sunday school classes against each other or play family or pre-assigned teams…the possibilities are endless. Raise money for mission trips or just celebrate, have fun and praise God!

Awesome Youth Week at Grace Avenue UMC of Frisco Click on Photos for Album