Laser Tag Birthdays are an Experience

with Code Red Mobile Laser Tag

Celebrate in a way no one will forget with a laser tag birthday party by Code Red Mobile Laser Tag. Much of our business is from repeat or word of mouth because it is just plain fun. There is a lot of laughter and excitement in every party. Your guests will remember your party and talk about it afterwards for years to come, for which we are grateful.

Everyone LOVES Laser Tag

From 8-80, boy or girl this is by far the best way to celebrate your birthday. We create a real life gaming experience like no other that is just as exciting for girls as it is for boys. That is a big question for us, is it fun for girls. The answer is YES! It is ABSOLUTELY fun for girls! Check out these girl parties.

Constant game play allows for more guests and more fun. Not many guests can play non stop for the entire time we are there, our game style allows for guests to take a quick break to grab a drink and catch their breath and still get right back in the game quickly. Since our gaming doesn’t stop you get the most action for your money. Stop by our How It Works Page for more information.

We come to your house, field, church, friend’s house… where ever you want to play. A good field size is about a tennis court (regular sized front yard). Less room than you think is required to have a great time. A smaller field creates more action and more games. Usually each base camp is set up on opposing sides of the house. Then either the front yard, back yard or both are used as the primary battle ground.

We bring everything needed for the laser tag games

Our Party Host referee the games and above all they make the party fun for guests of all ages. Your hosts is fully trained in laser tag play not just because we train them, but because they LOVE the game! Each of our hosts loves the game play and it show in the party experience.

We use top of the line in laser tag technology. Our guns are completely programmable and ensure that everyone can play and have a great time. If little Johnny needs more powerful health than Uncle Joe who is in the Army, our hosts will give that to her so she isn’t knocked out of the game 3 seconds after starting.  Our goal is to make an amazing experience for all of your guests.

We bring barriers for every terrain so that no matter if you have your party in your yard, a park, church gym or even Home Depot we have barriers to create an awesome laser tag field. Check out our Barriers section for photos.