Looking for the best bachelor party idea? Look NO further! If you are a best-man or a “best-lady” you have just found what you have been looking for. You need an exciting memorable evening to share with your closest friends but you need to keep your guest of honor out of hot water on the big day.

So here’s the plan; a night game of laser tag that you will actually remember the next day and for years to come after. You’re going to have a blast and feel a little bit like you’re in a movie. If you have seen the other pages on this website you know these guns are not about kids, yes kids enjoy them but they are about us grown-ups as well. A kid does not care if our MP5s are accurately weighted or that they can shoot 1000 yards. But you do, you care that these guns have an optional muzzle flash and silencer option. You will be impressed with our gear and whether you win or lose the game you will be the hero of the evening for suggesting this.