Its late but the night is just getting started. You don’t want to go home but it is too early for eggs and coffee off the highway. It is PROM NIGHT! You need an AWESOME after prom party idea! This is a night to remember for the rest of your life and you really do NOT have to end it while you are filled with energy from the dance. You have had good food, good dancing, good friends and now you need some action!

Arrange a laser tag party for you and your friends and let the excitement continue. WARNING: There is a LOT of laughter and fun at our laser tag parties so be prepared to have an amazing time. Your friends will be talking about your after prom party idea for the whole summer and years to come.

Because we are mobile, we can set up in a yard, park or other venue including your school. Imagine an after prom party right at school. Stay off the roads and make the fun last longer with a wholesome activity that is both exciting and energetic. Without the pain and stain of paintball running around on the laser tag field is a BLAST after prom or any event. Your school paid a LOT for the athletic fields, why not use them as much as possible. If it rains we can set up inside the school after the prom on the dance floor. Each losing team can clean for a few minutes while more teams play. You’ll never have so many volunteers.

The more the merrier. Our fast paced gaming style allows for more players and frequent breaks without ever stopping the flow of the games. Code Red Mobile Laser Tag parties have you running, scheming, and laughing all night long making memories that will last you through the years.